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make way for ROWRBOTS

Chris Matthews asks a Republican strategist to enumerate all Republican successes of the past decade with hilarious results

textjunky: "teabaggers have ruined the Party's most cherished claim --- that Reagan defeated communism with his bare hands. After all, if we just elected a commie president of the United States, that doesn't exactly hold up, does it?"

Freak Current Takes Gulf Stream to Greenland

seti: http://www.turbulenceforecast.com/jetstream.php
textjunky: "The West Greenland current normally does not connect directly with the Gulf Stream, but the most negative "Arctic oscillation" in 50 years of measurement caused a strong wind field that temporarily drove the Gulf Stream toward the west Greenland current."
textjunky: pretty sure there is a Goodies episode somewhere about this ...
textjunky: "The unprecedented atmospheric circulation pattern brought exceptionally warm air to Greenland and the Arctic ocean while dumping cold Arctic air into the United States, Europe and central Siberia."

Those aren't all clouds

textjunky: lol



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