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NIN, to Christmas carol music.

seti: so bad. so good.

Chile weightlifter has unexpected baby during training



surrael: seperate is probably a word
surrael: derived from vulgar latin spelling of separere, ie seperare
surrael: seperate appears in a US(?) legal theasaurus as a legal term meaning 'select'
surrael: personally, i was taught the 'e' spelling is for the verb, the 'a' is for the adjective
surrael: but then, what would teachers know?
surrael: divide and ... seperate?

Australia to introduce mandatory internet filtering for illegal content

rik: Here, world, is your new definition of futility.
rik: Not only will proxies work around everything, but sites wanting to dedicate themselves to australia will pop up covered with fluffy kittens and puppies, get classified, then switch their content.
rik: On top of that, it's based on people trying to maintain the ruleset.
rik: Do they have a starting ruleset for the internet? Yes they do. It's default to allow. Well done.
Oliber: Filter the convicts, they earnt it!
surrael: well, cops need a excuse to browse the kiddieporn you know
surrael: this gives them that excuse, and as you have pointed out, has virtually zero effect on other people .. win/win?
surrael: "A seven month trial in conjunction with internet service providers found the technology behind the filter to be 100% effective." LOL!
surrael: but seriously this is never going to happen .. because it can't work ... they will test and debate and redesign and test and debate ... until the noisy winers who ask for it forget
surrael: ad infinitum
surrael: rinse, wash, repeat ... erm did i mention ... PROFIT!
surrael: funny how the ISP who was the loudest opponent of this was also the only one to be hit by a massive fucking media copyright lawsuit ... i'm just saying, you know
surrael: 1 | 2
surrael: diff
surrael: to the tune of ...
surrael: pretty fucken cynical guys, pretty cynical

Legion of eXtraordinary Dancers

Gary's Social Media Count

Millions of missing Bush administration emails found

surrael: 22 million
surrael: "failure by the Bush White House to install an electronic record keeping system"

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