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Tweet information from IOS using EEM and Twitter's API

rik: Now my router can tell me when it's unhealthy with annoying whiny messages.
seti: that, and misspelled. (it'll be just like a Foundry!)
Ash: RT @ams_ix LOL ROUTER ASPRODE, ERROR -122663


surrael: someone on facebook sends me an invite to join ......... on the invite it lists
surrael: not only the other facebook user who has ever sent me an invite, but also ..... 9 people's facebook ids, some of which i recognise as people i know
surrael: people who don't know each other ... any way in hell ... and who have never sent me an invite for facebook
surrael: how the fuck does this happen? note: i don't use facebook, and won't be joining, explain in simple sentences
seti: somebody invited you by name to an event and Facebook turned that into an invitation to join Facebook. (it appears to aggressively cache information about people who haven't signed up to the site.)

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