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you know who else killed a kitten an hour until it sorted itself out?

Doctors query ability of Tamiflu to stop severe illness

Nice crop circle! (from August, in the Netherlands)

U.S. National Debt Chart

A sober look at "Climategate" and its media coverage

pretender: I'm actually way more scared by the quality and documentation of the code they used to make climate predictions. But alas horrible code is all too common among non-CS scientist
seti: with 'horrible' you mean 'fortran'?
pretender: YES!
seti: Just as programmers can write C code in any language, scientists can write Fortran code in any language.
pretender: "In the good old days physicists repeated each other's experiments, just to be sure. Today they stick to FORTRAN, so that they can share each other's programs, bugs included." - E. Dijkstra
seti: Also

Eschaton: Negotiating


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