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surrael: ...is all i've got to say to you


surrael: "Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia ... made a fortune in futures trading ... started up ... one of the first sites to scrape the ad-free Open Directory Project, and turn it into a huge mass of paid links and ads, mixed together with porn."
surrael: you read it here
surrael: wikipedia pages are apparently purposely promoted by google, re web scraped ad-emblazoned clones of wikipedia, "Google listed more than four times the number of duplicate scrapes than Yahoo. This could be related to the fact that 83 percent of these scraped pages carry ads ? almost always ads from Google."
surrael: in other news, "It's amazing how a vague privacy policy, a minimalist browser interface, and an unconventional corporate culture have convinced so many that Google is different on issues that matter."
surrael: remember, if it was started by college kids, it's SAFE


surrael: "The encyclopedia in the constructed language of Klingon was felt to be unsuited to the goals of the Wikimedia Foundation."


surrael: you read it here
surrael: this
surrael: s/wikipedia/teh internets/

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