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49 Million Americans

Australian police to practice realtime network hax

surrael: <13337copz> time to practise my skillz

Australian Securities and Investment Commission fails to prove Jodie Rich at fault for 2001 One.Tel collapse

surrael: implying that other prominent board members with high profiles in the media business may have been more culpable than they would wish to admit?
surrael: (James Packer son of late magazine tycoon Kerry, and Lachlan Murdoch, son of Rupert, the guy who probably owns your local newspaper...)
surrael: culpable for their lack of faith, if nothing else ...
surrael: ASIC now bears costs said to be upwards of AU$30m
surrael: "...ASIC had failed to prove any aspect of its case..."
surrael: or perhaps culpable merely of feeding cash into an empty bubble ... a "cash negative business" ... ah the glorious, spectacular rise and fall of One.Tel
surrael: via
surrael: btw the charge was something like trading while insolvent
surrael: ASIC press release statements
surrael: some other director(s) admitted guilt earlier ...
surrael: or maybe Rich getting off exonerates Murdoch and Packer, if he was their main point of contact ... well anyway, it was a pretty big company for a while, with some pretty big egos tied to it ...

AFACT vs IINet: Copyright case against aussie ISP

surrael: some analysis
surrael: "So many ordinary people were downloading US television programs via bittorrent that we (finally) have broadcasts in Australia which are nearly up-to-date with their US counterparts."
surrael: australian copyright act consolidated and updated ... my god they coudn't make it simple could they? you figure it out
surrael: why this particular ISP was targetted is a good question ... the judge asked (kinda), and also wanted to see bittorrent demonstrated
surrael: <judge> weeeeee! gotme batman!
surrael: "managing director, Michael Malone, told media that he disputed AFACT's argument that it supported and profited from its customers downloading copyrighted material. 'We provide internet access. That's where we make our profit from. When people download, that's a cost to us.'"
surrael: meanwhile australia could finally see unlimited download broadband packages

Police wardriving

Australian Senator Xenu^H^HXenophon attacks Scientology, but did he go far enough?

surrael: the senator used 'parliamentary priviledge' to bypass defamation laws and raise complaints against the sect for a number of his constituents
surrael: "Religious groups in Australia have a combined wealth of around $1 billion, they run cereal companies, insurance companies, wineries and pizza chains, and pay none of the income tax or capital gains tax that slows the rest of us down on our climb to wealth and profit."
surrael: might find some video here

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