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Support for same-sex marriages by age and state

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How radium weed kills skin cancer cells

surrael: "direct primary necrosis;" ... "localized activation of protein kinase C leading to activation of cytokines"
surrael: it rubs the lotion on its skin :)
surrael: i wonder why it doesn't always work if those are the mechanisms?
surrael: there are a range of types of skin cancer .. the clinical tests have only been on 'sunspots', ie keratosis ... but tradition has it that it may work on other types, including warts...
surrael: hence the common names wart weed, cancer weed
surrael: other euporbia spp. have similar roles
surrael: and some other roles too ... ;-)

What/who is the Council on Foreign Relations CFR

surrael: they have their own side of the story on their own website
surrael: i doubt Obama is closely tied to CFR ... but he has talked there .. he does have some connection with Zbigniew Brzezinski which he has been cagey about though, perhaps his relations to CFR are similar?
surrael: and 11th cousins? come one. YOUR MOMMA is a eleventh cuz.
surrael: wikipedia has a page on CFR which perhaps clarifies Obama's relationship to them
surrael: "Brzezinski is not a day-to-day adviser for the campaign, he is someone whose guidance Senator Obama seeks on Iraq." (Feb 2008)
surrael: sources on CFR membership data are apparently not directly authenticated
surrael: to the tune of o/'
surrael: perhaps informative ... and some contrast/context
surrael: this guy George Schultz used to be on the telly every night around the world .. now it's his progeny who run the economix ... all those PNACers .. you prolly read about him in that context as if he died in the 1400s ... but guess what, he's still alive
surrael: like some kind of deformed queen bee spitting out reagan/thatcher-ism clones by the millions
surrael: they all have one thing in common: they all hate you and want to use your back as doormat
surrael: the other thing which seems in common is like Obama finance advisor, skull and boneser austan goolsbee so many of them come out of the Chicago School of Economix
surrael: or wind up there ...
surrael: zbigniew is 'the kissinger of the left' to some ... (guess what? kissinger's still going too!)
surrael: resultz in lulz:
surrael: via
surrael: eheh eheh
surrael: first-hand account of skull and bones initiation
surrael: "I'm gonna ream you like I reamed Al Gore"
surrael: they want you to think its a frat club, now that you know it exists
surrael: they want you to think it's something far more sinister and deep in meaning
surrael: what it really is is a clandestine power network at the heart of a supposed transparent democracy ...
surrael: if we can't have equity, we should at least be entitled to transparency
surrael: put another way, if we can't have transparency, we can't have democracy. what do you (they) expect us to take away from this?
surrael: s&b intake: "15 out of 1,300 in every Yale class" .. elitest, huh?
surrael: are you now, or have you ever been ... ?
surrael: if uk MPs can give up their goods and chattels perhaps politicians everywhere can also learn to declare the various societies under whose influences they have been placed or placed themselves ...
surrael: can't get over the kissinger/zbigniew thing ...
surrael: eheh eheh :']
surrael: perhaps like corporations, these societies should be treated as individuals under law ........ and given only one vote between the lot of all their members ... same thing could be done with corporations ... one vote for the entire corporation .... capitalism is the new red
surrael: you know, i mean i'm not kidding, i don't mean give these clubs and corps votes in addition to their member's votes .. i mean .. instead .. duh.
surrael: a documentary about their initiations
surrael: short clip of nightscope vision
surrael: an interview with an author on the subject
surrael: who interviewed many members ... cf
surrael: via
surrael: more infos

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