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Band shirts hit wrong note with parents

seti: comedy gold
surrael: america, catch up man! darwin is so 1800s!

Map of Monk(ey) Xuan Zang's "Journey to the West" to collect Buddhist scrolls

surrael: the story was fictionalised by the 10th C and formalised as Hsiyoji, Journey to the West
surrael: more recently known in the west as Monkey! .. possibly the best television ever produced
surrael: on this planet at least
surrael: Xuan's actual text (tranlsated) is also online
surrael: his journey probably looked (nothing) like this
surrael: apart from the jaunt around india, which might (not) have looked like this
surrael: this type of thing was the final outcome...
surrael: yes, for some reason the story calls the priest tripitaka, which is actually what the set of three sets of Pali Scrolls is called .. monkey magic
surrael: sadly the young woman who played him in the tv series died a few years later :(
surrael: "From that time there have come down clear records, annals of events; though distant, we may hear the previous doings (of eminent men), or gather their words from the records of their disciples."

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