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Art, made from parcel tape.

McDonald’s Closes in Iceland

pretender: You failed at playing the capitalism game. No more McDonald's for you!
Ash: first they came for the mcdonalds, then i said nothing


surrael: 55cents .. that's the best that i can do .. take it or leave it
surrael: letter transcribed here
surrael: and annotated "Bush's single biggest campaign contributor"
surrael: Houston Chronicle "Lay and Enron gave Bush more than $300,000, and they put at least $100,000 into his 2000 presidential campaign"
surrael: the massive corporation was bankrupt in late 2001
surrael: Lay found guilty in 2006 dying before being imprisoned .. or so they say
surrael: (this is the letter quoted in item chumped yesterdayish)
surrael: $10 trillion buys a lot of guilt
surrael: or would buy ... if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

What a pilot's checkride is like

Monbiot offers bounty for arrest of Blair: 'one of the two greatest living mass murderers', his bid for EU Presidency offering opportunity

surrael: 55cents .. that's the best that i can do .. take it or leave it
surrael: "Within the UK, there is no means of prosecuting Mr Blair." but "most [EU nations] would place customary international law above domestic law, suggesting that a prosecution is possible.."
surrael: read on...
surrael: :) "multimillion-pound book deal, massive speaking fees, posh directorships and an appointment as Middle East peace envoy, which must rank with Henry Kissinger?s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize as the supreme crime against satire."
surrael: /me read "posh dictatorships" ...
surrael: article also contains a good summary of Blair's alleged crime
surrael: A short memo "reveals that Blair knew that the decision to attack Iraq had already been made; that it preceded the justification, which was being retrofitted to an act of aggression; that the only legal reasons for an attack didn't apply, and that the war couldn't be launched without UN authorisation."
surrael: "another leaked memo shows, Jack Straw had reminded him of the conditions required to launch a legal war"

high testosterone == miser

surrael: "...previous study of 17 City of London traders found that morning testosterone levels correlated with each day's gains and losses,..."
surrael: umm .. and the researcher's name is Dr Redwine ... watch out for her appearing in a future James Bond ahem
surrael: see also the ultimatum game
surrael: o/' the truth of all predictions Is always in your hands o/'
surrael: 55cents .. that's the best that i can do .. take it or leave it
surrael: mash-up the iron maiden song with this :)

(hiroshima)x3 50kT asteroid explosion above Indonesia, no ground level damage

surrael: "infrasound waves ...rippled halfway around the world"
surrael: "10 metres across"
surrael: "20 or 30 metres across may be capable of doing damage on the ground"

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