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Why does pasta have a low Glycemic Index?

surrael: when it's freshly cooked, and not overdone ... (ie 'al dente')

"...recently, scientists gave these spiders psychoactive drugs..."

surrael: cf

looky da pretty pictures! brain physiology under common recreational drugs

surrael: cocaine is like adding more dopamine. opiates trigger release of more dopamine (or inhibit the moderating control mechanism). dope not fully understood, but similarly increases dopamine

sunscreen is the new black

surrael: see also
surrael: watch out also for sunscreens that use nano-scale particles .. they're bad too
surrael: and other crap that chemical companies encourage you to rub into your skin, lotions, cosmetics, etc
surrael: the brown acid .. is not too good


surrael: image credit

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