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AccordionGuy - Me and Steve B.

Japan Linux Symposium


surrael: if it's deficient, check also for B3 (niacin) deficiency because tryptophan is converted to niacin as needed
surrael: "...nutritionists now believe that the tryptophan in turkey is not what causes the common sleepy feeling after thanksgiving dinner. Rather the sleepiness is the result of so much food being ingested that blood flow is diverted from the brain to the stomach to handle the digestion process..."
surrael: so much for that theory
surrael: adding carbs helps get the tryptophan to your head
surrael: there are more tricks if this link is to be believed ...
surrael: this paper seems more convincing
surrael: erm editorial .. which references this article from the same journal
surrael: if protein x tryptophan / (leucine + phenylalinine) is really a measure of seratonin potential of foods, then gelatine is disasterous see ... and therefore any gelatinous sweets also ... cornstarch/cornmeal are also pretty bad
surrael: i was a teenage sugar junkie ....
surrael: perhaps the sugar helps to balance .. so low-cal gelatine sweets and gelatine savouries are probably the worst
surrael: MF
surrael: sunlight also affects seratonin via Vitamin D as well as the pineal-gland ocular route
surrael: um .. see also


Yeah, baby, we know where u live


smoking linked with mental illness


surrael: The international community for hearing voices

the first casualty of TRUTH is WAR!!!!~!1


surrael: (useful explanation of what glutamate is and how MSG may interfere with it, but i don't think this site is particularly rigorous)
surrael: (ie they may have hit on the truth, or they may not, the evidence provided is not substantial afaict)
surrael: but it seems likely that if msg is problematic, then 'natural' sources of free glutamate are also problematic
surrael: ...
surrael: nice flowcharts
surrael: not sure why they're labelled 'autism' .. seem to cover a wide range of syndromes
surrael: extra glutamate is suggested as remedy for some maladies

(2007) Gene associated with autism identified


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surrael: 3VOL...
surrael: see also
surrael: see also

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