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uid0: Please vote for my volunteer first aid squad so we can get some free grant money, it's free and takes only a second
jillzilla: o/~ Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down... o/~
uid0: it's not a rickroll ):<


7. Disease is built by unhealthy conditions. 8. To prevent disease we have to create health.

surrael: "...support immune health a foster the innate healing process. I would rather kill bacteria..."
surrael: interesting article, but otoh this guy strikes me as the kind of person who cannot sit down at a bus stop for fear that there might be germs ...
surrael: which beggars the question, why hold up darwin as an example of a successful theorist?
surrael: the chinese (for example) are doing very well, despite their widespread lack of appreciation of the germ theory (and i'm not saying the germ theory is poor .. but there is something to be said for supporting immune health to foster the innate healing process after all)
surrael: ... and while examining a long list of therapies which can be pathways for pathogenic infiltration, why not mention the obvious one, surgery, associated with growing numbers of the bacteriacide-resistant infectious pathogens so feared by the author of this article?
surrael: (yes, the author boasts about reduction of infections due to implementing hand washing in their own hospitals ... but that's not what i mean ... what about over-use of surgery, frankly unnecessary surgery like most cosmetic surgery ...)
surrael: (over-use of antibiotics where alcohol, vinegar or soap and hot water would be sufficient ... etc)
surrael: widespread marketing, common availability and/or prescription of substances that predictably depress the bodies natural ability to remove toxins itself, or which directly depress the immune system, or otherwise exacerbate the very syndromes which they are purported to 'cure'
surrael: perhaps if these things were addressed adequately in 'western medicine', people would recognise it as a reliable and efficient means of attaining health, and would forgo the practices which the author attacks, while vehemently defending big pharma
surrael: can i buy some shares in yr hospital plskthxok
surrael: if germs caused disease, all doctors and nurses would be at home sick 9 days out of ten, and die at 30
surrael: ;-) germs are implicated, but they are not the whole story
surrael: as has been pointed out repeatedly in the press, germs to which humans have no natural immunity do not propogate and are out-evolved in no time ... the condition of the host plays a part in exactly 100% of cases to as many zero decimals as you can be bothered to imagine
surrael: (feeding effectively on humans appears to be too complex a task for any microorganism to master while also mastering some alternative means of support)
surrael: a study on handwashing in hospitals
surrael: about 10% of interactions with patients were preceded by washing of hands
surrael: seven weeks after explicite training and observation program, the rate was 55%
surrael: in Australia, an english-speaking, western country
surrael: another aussie study on same
surrael: this time increasing from 40% to 85%
surrael: one in 22 hospital patients gets a bacterial infection there and the government doesn't pay the hospitals for additional care required as a result
surrael: ^^^ in the USA
surrael: a study of incidence of stomach-ulcer-bacteria in hospital staff in greece found that indeed, those most-exposed to patients (nurses) contracted the bacteria more, doctors less, and admin staff least
surrael: segregation of patients with antibiotic-resistant golden staph has been successful in preventing other patients developing antibiotic-resistant golden staph
surrael: but i love this link
surrael: though i would question the video author's quantification of 'often'
surrael: it sounds a little subjective, possibly a misperception


surrael: yummy
surrael: not that i'm fat or anything
surrael: author claims dieting causes body to reinforce it's efforts to store fat (or something along those lines)
surrael: and that the body keeps asking for more food as long as its not getting all the nurtients it needs .. if you stick more food in that also lacks the missing nutrients, it will just keep asking for even more
surrael: i guess the dude goes into it in detail too, but there's more to it than getting enough of the right nutrients ... stuff like insulin resistance causing a vicous cycle of sugar dependence, and other addictive drugs like coffee maybe prompting thee to eat more carbs than needed

Mr. Chinmoy lifted 20 Nobel laureates and a team of sumo wrestlers

surrael: starting when he was in his 60s
surrael: despite the amazingness of this, it seems the interweb (and therefore mainstream media in general, by deduction) has very few pictures of him doing it ...
surrael: the few sites i can find are affiliated in some way with his cause, and anyway, they're down right now

Why Smart Chief Executives Make Dumb Decisions

surrael: is it because they're CEOs?

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