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Scalia's Ship of Revulsion Has Sailed

seti: What ironic fallout: those who don't want to marry or cannot marry may still want to grant certain rights to their (adult!) spouses, they adopt them instead. Defense of Marriage Act is go!

PC World: Windows 7 Called Slower Than Vista

seti: RoughlyDrafted Magazine also has an exclusive anonymous source inside the Pink project with many exciting but totally unvalidated details.
seti: "The smartest course of action (and therefore the one that Microsoft is least likely to take!) would be for them to recognize the value of the original Danger platform that they acquired, and to rebuild the Hiptop/Sidekick into a force to compete with Android (which is, after all, "Sidekick 2.0" in many respects).
seti: This won't happen for three reasons: 1) Microsoft's irrational hatred of Java, 2) Microsoft's irrational love of Windows in all of its horrible flavors, and 3) all the Danger folks who loved the Sidekick platform have left or likely will leave soon, and Microsoft has no in-house expertise in Java or the Danger platform."

What Caused the Sidekick Fail?

seti: from comments: "I have started a group on facebook for a class action/discussion of the issue."
seti: Daniel Eran Dilger weighs in as well

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