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jillzilla: Shock at the Nobel Committee awarding the Peace prize to Barack Obama
jillzilla: "Next: Barack Obama, AL Cy Young winner?"
jillzilla: (for those unfamiliar with baseball, that means he would be winning an award for excellence in pitching -- only slightly more bizarre than giving the Peace Prize to a sitting American president who may well be planning some major offensive, or may feel it important to do so any time in the next three years.)
seti: Kerry ran on "I'm not Bush!" in 2004 and lost; Obama gets Nobel Peace Prize for same.

Suck it, astrology.

surrael: wat?
surrael: the article links to this source which has far more detail ...
surrael: and some comments are from here
surrael: remember, as soon as they publish this stuff, it goes out the window
surrael: and .. well .. note that the stats they are publishing are from datamining dating-site messaging-service messages ... like you care
surrael: i wanna data mine u <3
surrael: be (data)mine <3

New Oklahoma law will publicy post details of women's abortions online

seti: a.k.a. the Out of Oklahoma by 3/1/2011 Act
jillzilla: "If I were an eccentric billionaire I'd start a prolific chain of very glamorous abortion clinics where women can go and get their nails done, hair did, browse shoe collections, watch relaxing TV, drink lattes and martinis, receive lap dances and/or massages (happy ending optional) from very sexy and (optionally) well-oiled men, and play with a roomful of kittens and puppies before (or after) getting their abortions."
jillzilla: (that's from one of the comments)
seti: only slightly overglamorising the procedure, but otherwise, why not?
jillzilla: Well, actually, because every woman who has told me her abortion story has described it as a situation where she would have been utterly unable to appreciate any of that stuff. :(
seti: one friend of mine might have...
seti: nicely proving that the plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data'

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