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Matt Taibbi previews his upcoming Rolling Stone article on the mortgage market

seti: Executive summary: it "was a giant criminal enterprise"
surrael: ... "which would invalidate any potential forelosure proceedings for about, oh, 60 million mortgages..."

danger/doom - mince meat outta that beat mouse

Citizenship Fail

surrael: i wanna see the stats on the wrong responses

The pic that screams "sack the Lib Dem media manager"

Enoch makes 'em, Enoch shall break 'em

surrael: break glass in case of emergency?
surrael: down with king ludd! down down! bad boy!
surrael: of course .. we should make fun of people with differing views than our own, isn't that right children? dirty, stupid luddites!
surrael: point being ... o/' when ya misuse what I invent, your empire falls and ya lose every cent o/'
surrael: yes, me-ludd, no me-ludd, three bags full, me-ludd
surrael: a short history .. and a longer one

publishers of Lancet produce fake journal "Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine"

surrael: "content is chosen by Merck with some 'input from Elsevier'
surrael: "...Merck put the names of high-profile arthritis experts on the editorial board of the phoney journal without telling them they had done so..."
surrael: "... angry ... "
surrael: "Who is CEO of Elsevier the owners of The Lancet? It is Sir Crispin Davis, Board Director of GlaxoSmithKline who is on the Glaxo board with the CEO of the owners of The Sunday Times James Murdoch..." well, uh ...
surrael: this part really needs italics and bold and flashing 72 point type: "CEO of Elsevier the owners of The Lancet? It is Sir Crispin Davis, Board Director of GlaxoSmithKline"
surrael: was, anyway
surrael: still on gsk
surrael: "Sir Crispin's brother Judge Nigel Davis' English High Court judgement took the legal aid away from the UK MMR injured children in their fight for compensation against Glaxo. That there might have been a conflict of interest 'had not occurred to' Nigel Davis." ...
surrael: no conspiracy to see here, move along please

how safe is too safe??

surrael: are we suffering more out of boredom and it's results than we did once from genuine environmental causes
surrael: ?
seti: its

practice with 30,000 unvaccinated children claims no autism among the unvaccinated

surrael: or maybe it's a practice of 30,000 mixed? doesn't say .. and i doubt this data has been controlled for other factors which might go hand-in-hand with missing vaccinations, like not driving cars and other stuff
surrael: "such a straightforward and potentially decisive study has never been done on American children"

Stay classy, Nominum.

what's vaccination got to do with it? compares graphs of incidence/mortality of vaccinatable vs non-vaccinatable diseases

surrael: "With vastly more people to vaccinate than computers requiring software the lure of money is many times greater."
surrael: interesting angle on vaccination statistics: "... when doctors are looking for a disease, they overdiagnose suspected measles cases by ten times higher than are confirmed by laboratory testing. Correspondingly, when vaccination was introduced, they will tend to follow the fashion of not diagnosing measles, where they believe it controlled by vaccination...."
surrael: ironic, MMR vaccine seems to have the exact effect on males that it is meant to obviate in females, ie sterility due to catching the disease as adults ..
surrael: and good point, "Vaccination against rubella is of no clinical benefit to a child..." ... the disease only has serious consequences to pregnant women ...
surrael: it would be very interesting to see these compared with pre-WWII germany, which was at the time, leading the world in health and science
surrael: well in epidemiology and govt health programmes at least
surrael: "This graph demonstrates that the administration of tetanus vaccine is likely to be pointless and puts children especially at risk of adverse reactions to the vaccines." ... and so on, asserted for most of the graphs ... but the graphs are too long scale to show detail of effectiveness of vaccine, and comparison is needed with rate of 'adverse reactions' to know what is 'likely' ...
surrael: but the graphs do demonstrate that the large part of the drop in incidence of infant deaths and of many diseases is due to other factors, not vaccination
seti: vaccine conspiracy theory is crimes against humanity.
surrael: does vaccinating a chronically malnourished child result in the child's health?
seti: logical fallacy of false dilemma. also, if it keeps the child from catching the disease it'll keep the child from spreading the disease as well.
surrael: this page definitely shows me that the greatest part of the effort to 'aid' humanity should be put into education, nutrition, provision of workers and facilities for healthcare
surrael: if the disease is malnutrition, poor hygiene etc, it is not the child who spreads it
seti: calling malnutrition a disease is clever marketing by the powerful anti-child-starvation lobby.
surrael: a malnourished person, like an aids patient, will eventually die from something
surrael: if the person is vaccinated for one disease, then they will instead contract something else
surrael: like a windows box on an open network, with an out-of-date virus scanner ...
seti: that is about the worst analogy I've seen in a long time
surrael: got root?


The Immune System: A Primer

nene: What a giant load of crap
nene: "Given all the nasty things that have happened this year, freeware is a recipe for problems, and it's just going to get worse."
nene: "If I have a secret way of blocking a hacker from attacking my software, if it's freeware or open source, the hacker can look at the code."
surrael: HAHA!
surrael: define 'secret'?
surrael: checksum failed, abort


surrael: good
surrael: again?
surrael: weeeeeee!
surrael: seti! talk to me seti!
surrael: and now, backwards!
surrael: driving me sane

good FAQ on food allergies, specifically peanut allergy

surrael: Natural History of Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy: Development of Tree Nut Allergy/Sensitization shows that those sensitive to ground nuts often also become sensitive to tree nuts :\
surrael: another good article on nut allergies
surrael: wikipedia page has a go at finding explanations for causes
surrael: NEJM published study into same
surrael: Human subjects without peanut allergy demonstrate T cell?dependent, TH2-biased, peanut-specific cytokine and chemokine responses independent of TH1 expression is a bit beyond me, but interestingly points out that non-sensitive individuals also have an immune system recognition of peanut proteins, even though it doesn't result in allergy
surrael: [more speculation on cause|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allergy#Cause from wikipedians
surrael: there are a number of animal studies showing that no adjuvant is required to form an allergy, ie it's not necessarily the result of immune system incorrectly associating an experienced challenge with the wrong protein ... although that mechanism has also been demonstrated
surrael: on nut allergy as a form of mass hysteria
surrael: article summarises The British Medical Journal as saying " there is a wide ranging exagerration of the risk of such allergies and a corresponding overreaction in efforts to protect people with those allergies"
surrael: and more-or-less uses Boing! Boing! as proof, QED
surrael: more on cross-sensitisation between ground nuts vs tree nuts

exporting our taste for dairy milk seems pretty irresponsible to me ... UHT containers are more efficient than refrigerated, but on the whole, it's a pretty unhealthy and costly habit

surrael: never mind what the cows think ...
surrael: interesting: in the US (at least): "whether some kind of flavorings or other chemicals are being added to UHT milk? If the whole industry does this, they don?t need to list such additives on the label because it is an 'industry standard.'"
surrael: UHT treating and packaging nut juice seems irresponsible (on the part of the consumer) when a satisfactory product can be made on-site from stored dry ingredients
surrael: google for recipes for almond milk, cashew milk ... etc .. pretty easy .. you don't even need a food processor, mortar/pestle does just fine
surrael: sterilised, containerised products are bad for for your own health too, not only are the foods damaged by superheating, but "...filling plastic-lined containers with superheated milk or subjecting liquid-filled containers to high heat is a recipe for the release of phthalates and similar substances..."
surrael: which affect the endocrine systems, hormone-like metabolic communication chemicals used in your body
surrael: shock horror: "many organisms have become heat resistant and now survive the pasteurization process"
surrael: nice quote: "Owe a little to the bank, and they own you; owe a lot, and you own them."

Fat Burning Foods = Negative Kj's

surrael: "not only does it take more kj's to digest a grapefruit than it does adds, they are so healthy for you"

The importance of the ratio of omega-6/omega-3 essential fatty acids (literature review)

surrael: odd then that nutrientdata's daily needs calculator recommends me a dietry intake of 10:1 omega 6:3 ... since the recommendedation from those studies is to approach 2:1 or even 1:1
surrael: in practice, doing so is very hard using industrial western food
surrael: also odd that nutrientdata seems not to contain flax aka linseed in its extensive database
surrael: particularly distasteful that now so much of their data is about menu items from fast food restaurants ...
surrael: maybe it's better to go back to their primary source, the USDA nutrition data
surrael: ah .. the problem is nutrientdata have chosen to match 'whole word only' and list flax items as 'flaxseed' ...
surrael: some people use LSA to get the right mix of fats, it has about a 1:1 proportion, about 2 tablespoons provide daily requirements for fat intake ... then your only challenge is to design a diet with negligible other fats ... which is actually easy once you start preparing your own food, without frying or using oily dressing, and omitting meat and cheese
surrael: LSA = Linseed (flax), sunflower, and almond, in ratio 3:2:1 (by volume) ... grind them up together or use seperately throughout the day, whatever
surrael: you should grind the linseed to open up the kernels, in any case ... and the grains are useless if not fresh and stored intact, since the O3 degrades very fast once exposed to light/air
surrael: this mixture also provides a good spectrum of protein and some vitamins and minerals ...
surrael: (my calculation of daily fat intake is from the nutritiondata recommendation, then divide by 3 as per cretian diet example)
surrael: comes out at about 1000kJ for a healthy man ... more if you exercise
surrael: ground almonds can be whipped with 3-4 parts water to make a good milk substitute ... and that saves on packaging too :)
surrael: ow .. oh .. saturated fats don't affect the O6:O3 ratio ... but can't access the full article to see what proportion saturated fats are healthy ... so not sure if they are suitable for frying/supplementing for extra energy or not ...
surrael: I would assume a very small amount of saturated fat for frying, or chocolate, is ok
surrael: omega 3 tastes fishy when it has denatured
surrael: (predominantly) monounsaturated oils like olive and avocado won't upset this balance much either, if enough Omega3 is included in the diet, and not too much total oil intake ... :)

Cheeseweed aka marshmallow weed etc: a common garden 'weed' that is edible and really quite nice

surrael: doesn't need fertiliser, in fact too much nitrogen makes it toxic
surrael: can't find nutritional analysis for this common species ... what are our governments really doing for us anyway?

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