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Digby's blog - Bipartisan-Curious

seti: "Someday, in my dreams, Democrats will run as progressives in the same way that Republicans proudly ran as conservatives both when they were ascendant and holding the reins of power over the past 30 years. They won't apologize for their ideas or pretend that the most important thing in the word is for Republicans to approve of what they are doing."
seti: "They will recognize that while compromise is a necessary element of politics, progress and systemic change requires a fight which usually results in the losing side being unhappy. That day is not here yet."

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Privacy @ Google ... or whereever

surrael: with corrections
surrael: google, see me after class
surrael: maybe #facestab should have a stockmarket float too and let the market decide our ethics
seti: #facestab is a market of ideas! and stabbings. mostly stabbings, actually.
surrael: old proposed solution to this kind of 1984 crap, sadly I guess suppressed: bell labs' crowds proxy identity mixer
surrael: because of course, if we do nothing, we have nothing to fear ... or whatever it is the nazis always used to say to keep us somnolescent
surrael: let's face it, china, iran, nsa, you guys got nothing compared to google ... "don't be evil" i think someone already did ...
surrael: unless of course, china, iran, nsa ... are google
surrael: i propose a rebranding ... pwngle
surrael: it gets pwnd so you don't have to
surrael: google, opt-out != opt-in
pretender: This is getting close to PETA in crazyness
surrael: "People who care about their privacy enough to opt-out are also the same people who delete their cookies" - Ari Schwarz
surrael: <googlensa> WELL DUH!
pretender: I don't understand people's problem with personally targeted advertising, i'd actually consider it useful. The only problem is that someone with Google's datasets can identify you on most cases. Which is a problem entirely orthogonal to targeted adervtising and possible already.
surrael: separation of Search and State ...
seti: oOooh clever
surrael: semi-related: how feedback can skew rankings and provide innapropriate results (ironically, the context is censorship in china of pwngle)
surrael: ie testing your porn filter may promote rankings of porn in the search engine which you are trying to filter ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
surrael: <googlee> eat shit and die
surrael: "...the Suggest function was still ?temporarily? disabled."
surrael: LOL
surrael: google is dead. long live pwngle
surrael: google, i opt out. you're so clever, you figure out how to implement that. kthxbai

The Man Nobody Wanted To Hear: Global Banking Economist Warned of Coming Crisis

seti: great article

flying high in the friendly sky

surrael: at time of posting, >AU$35k raised to place anti-net-censor ad on plane flights to Aussie national capital at time of next sitting of parliament ... on which will be politicians, strapped, bored, captive ...
surrael: actually, i think this ad is not really going to give politicians the right message .... in fact, it's likely to give them ideas .... someone stop the ad!
surrael: OMGWTFBBQ

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