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"Time travel and space transportation should definitely be majors at MIT." -- Dr. Marie Sutton || <jillzilla> have I told you that I have a touch of fangirl giddiness over Kevin Rudd

From the "What can possibly go wrong?" Dept.

UK folding plug concept

pretender2: Cool, but maybe not easy enough to manufacture and not reliable enough with all the moving parts


surrael: by J. Howard Miller

Quite a good likeness except the nose is a bit bent

surrael: Listen you stupid machine it tastes filthy! Here take this cup back!
surrael: mp3
surrael: yes, yes you do

willy pants

surrael: where do your real willy and nuts go?
kandinski: that's their disguise


Aussies 23 times more likely to have their phones bugged than Americans

surrael: note incorrect headline: "ASIO bugs 3000 calls a year" should probly be "3000 callers"

Mortgage lenders who pointed out that people couldn't repay the ludicrous loans on offer.

jillzilla: "If [US] banking regulators were in charge of the roads you could drive 100 miles an hour on the sidewalk while reading the newspaper and balancing a tea cup on your nose."

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