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Not misty for me

Phrack Issue 66

Nom nom nom

Woman who missed crashed Air France flgiht dies in car crash

rik: Final Destination, anyone?
pretender: Her husband who also missed the flight and survived the car crash is now in hospital...


kandinski: Louis C.K. telling it like it is

How to know what investment gun to buy

The First Few Milliseconds of an HTTPS Connection

Detroit - Money Strewn Across I-75

Oliber: Lulz

N.R.A. Muscle Saves 538, Blocks D.C. Voting Rights

uid0: Good for them, fuck DC's gun laws
seti: yeah, think of how many of the Holocaust Museum's visitors may have otherwise been able to take out that lone 89-year-old extremist
uid0: but if guns were banned he wouldn't have one! o noes!
seti: don't underestimate his karate skills
uid0: they'll ban that soon enough, not to worry

It's official: WHO declares swine flu pandemic

rik: Madagascar closes its port...
seti: penguins stuck there now!
surrael: "No other pandemic has been detected so early or watched so closely."
surrael: "This is a formal statement about the geographical spread of the disease. It is not in itself a cause for alarm."

What caused the US budget deficit, in an easy-to-understand pie chart

seti: source

Largest Bankruptcies

kandinski: You may need to buy a larger monitor

The Future of Facebook Usernames


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