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Amateur Transplants - London Underground Song

Crush - Civilization

T-Mobile Confirms Stolen Data is Genuine

The Story of Stuff


surrael: jillzilla


surrael: explanation here
jillzilla: it's my baby picture
surrael: no publishing nude baby pictures to chump .. may encourage pedophiles
surrael: watch out for pedozilla

Is this how you treat your children?

surrael: the penalty for caring is pain
surrael: the price of pain is desentitisation
surrael: desensitisation often leads indirectly to death .. remember to stop on this path somewhere and exert willpower
surrael: awesomely powerful video ... but it succeeds by failing .. viewer screaming at the interviewer "DO SOMETHING! ASK THEM PROPERLY!!! 'BUT REALLY, WHAT'S THE REAL REASON, YOU SLIMY FUCKWIT?!'"
surrael: yeah, get one up ya .. good material for discussion in your next ethics class
surrael: this video screams "ENQUIRY. NOW!"
surrael: it should pursue those responsible to their lonely, cold graves
surrael: and haunt them in the great beyond
surrael: and that goes double for those of us who absolve ourselves of any such responsibility
surrael: watch it and weep to be human
surrael: no, you can't just check the summary, the video is the summary

British National Party leader pelted with eggs in protest

rik: Sadly for Griffin, the eggs still had their yolks. He only likes the whites.
seti: rimshot


surrael: this is quite good also

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