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Your Grade: F-


jillzilla: "If you are in a gas station convenience mart at 1:00 in the afternoon, and woman enters wearing a terrycloth bathrobe and slippers, having left a 1989 Chevy Blazer idling five feet from the front doors, it's best not to position yourself between her and the cigarettes."

BNP secures two European seats

rik: One of them looks old enough to die in office though, and that's what the vast majority of the country are hoping for.
jillzilla: "Mr Griffin said the BNP was not racist"
jillzilla: That reminds me of the taxi driver in Brighton who was talking to me about the horrors of immigration.
jillzilla: I listened calmly and at one point chuckled and said in a friendly way, "Awww, we're not all that bad!"
jillzilla: He was horrified, and said, "Oh, not immigrants like YOU!"
jillzilla: That make it clear, like to the gut, for me how much anti-immigration rhetoric is about race.
surrael: wtf? BNP wins seats?

The stories of when milk teef come home again.

rik: Warning: Have your insulin on standby.


surrael: original version
surrael: sometimes covers rock.

Mary Poppins vs Disney

surrael: "Disney realized that translating the story for an American audience would require an explanation of the role of a nanny, as well as a plot that would reward Mr. and Mrs. Banks for choosing to bring up their children themselves."
surrael: "... but Pamela Travers had discussed her poetry with William Butler Yeats and shared a masthead with T. S. Eliot."

Mozilla 3, stop munging my URIs




surrael: <ob> we are at defcon3!!! roflmao

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