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China's Yu tells U.s. not to be complacent about debt

seti: he sounds pretty fucking desperate, though.

Cardiff nights out in pictures


surrael: how much is your twit worth?


surrael: re .de politico censor-fuhrer

Research into contacting ISPs who host "child porn" and asking them to remove it

surrael: quote marks, because an unsurprising finding of the research was that the majority of sites listed by blocklists as child porn contained no objectionable material
surrael: of course, it's very hard to validate that when it's illegal to look to check ...
surrael: censorship doesn't work
surrael: more on why making viewing of content an illegal activity is harmful to innocent
surrael: and useless
surrael: good luck finding this one, but i've actually seen a case reported where the judge commended the computer user for having deleted the alleged files, since that's 'the right thing to do' (think 'just say no') ... think about that .. deleting evidence of an alleged case of child abuse is 'the right thing to do' because naughty naughty you shouldn't be looking at those pictures
surrael: whose favour does that work in?
surrael: the case was years and years ago ... ask a good lawyer who specialised they might know about it
surrael: while you're out there deleting the evidence, always remember, not to think of an elephant ... thought crime is inseperable from the type of censorship that criminalises the viewer of material
surrael: When we negate a frame, we evoke the frame.
surrael: stop thinking about all those little abused kiddies you want to censor, mr censor man
surrael: not to mention the simple innocent children whose nascent sexuality you would remove from our world ... it is a sad day when people fear to publish their own baby photos in case they are denounced as 'promoting pedophilia'
surrael: fear is the mind killer
surrael: sexting, other ridiculous cases etc etc ...
surrael: can't be arsed finding more links ..
surrael: one day they will laugh at us the way we laugh at the witch trials ... then they will probably through another heretic on the fire and warm their hands smiling ... look in the mirror some time, 21st century man

Uni issues mobile phones ... to use as tracking devices for monitoring student attendence

surrael: anyone wanna borrow my phone?

US to Scan Fingerprints of Travellers when *Exiting*

surrael: <dopp> Why would anyone want to leave?!
surrael: open the pod bay doors please
surrael: applies to foreigners only afaik


surrael: does not mention "wikipedia is not a wiki"
surrael: a phrase that occurs almost nowhere on the entire web, according to google
rik: Also does not mention "wikipedia is made of sausage meat", another phrase that occurs almost nowhere on the web. Nor "Wikipedia broke into my house and rubbed a lemon on my wife's face before disppearing while cackling manically", which oddly occurs more than the other two phrases.


surrael: "Nothing here needs to be chronically cleansed of any potential for dissent!"
surrael: Amen!
surrael: YMMV


Wikipedia bans all church of scientology originating IPs from editing

surrael: in more news about people not quite getting it, also see how what is promoted as a Wiki has degenerated into the type of beauracracy that appoints Arbitrators, Arbitration Clerks, and defines principles, findings, and remedies ...
surrael: the wiki where anyone can ... appeal a judgement
surrael: 'findings of fact' hahaha they found some?
surrael: disclaimer: i like wikis as much as anyone ...
surrael: perhaps next they can even things up and ban all psychiatry ips, all catholic, jewish, buddhist, hindi, satanic, proddy, sikh, jain, witchdoctor, voodoo, gnostic, ... and the milliard sundry other goatwashing^H^H^Hbrainwashing systems^H^H^Hbelief systems
surrael: i wonder if there is a privacy tort that the scientologist practitioners can run on wp for publishing a list of ips associated with their religious activities
surrael: oops .. am I not getting something right now?
seti: or perhaps their policy of banning griefers is actually, while difficult to maintain in a world where the supply of dipshits is limitless - as is the supply of detractors with no better solutions nor any positive contributions, eventuallly will turn out to be the right one?
seti: Wikipedia's data sources are public, and organisations do not have a right to privacy, only individuals
surrael: possibly .. if they rename the site to non-wiki-pedia
surrael: wp's data sources are notoriously unreliable, and therefore likely to contain private user ips
seti: I think you're reading too much into their slogan.
surrael: as just about any other user's ip is wantonly displayed by the site
surrael: i guess i'll be waiting a long time for a class action of private users who are pissed about wp publishing their ip
seti: just the same way you'll be waiting a long time for a class action of thetans driven out of their host bodies by scientology practices, yeah
surrael: i'm reading into the term wiki ... it used to stand for making every effort to be inclusive and low barrier to entry, with a deliberate philiosophy to compromise content rather than those principles, based on a belief that this would somehow lead to resolutions that can't be obtained under a hierarchical, exclusionary system
surrael: or did i not get something just then?

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