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The New Yorker profiles Chief Justice John Roberts

seti: "In every major case since he became the nation's seventeenth Chief Justice, Roberts has sided with the prosecution over the defendant, the state over the condemned, the executive branch over the legislative, and the corporate defendant over the individual plaintiff. Even more than Scalia, who has embodied judicial conservatism during a generation of service on the Supreme Court, Roberts has served the interests, and reflected the values, of the contemp
seti: Roberts will probably be Bush's biggest legacy turd left to the country to clean up over the longest time period, longer than Iraq, longer than the depression he ushered in, maybe even longer than his inaction on environmental issues and resultant rampant pollution

Facebook Purity removes annoying quiz messages etc from your Facebook Homepage

seti: Got it working in Safari, even.

next conference - keynote - capitalism 2.0


Unencumbered software which doesn't work for downloading and saving "iview" RTMP streams from abc.net.au

surrael: iview seems to be the same stuff as BBC use to tie their users to restrictive DRM platforms, it's a form of flash from adobe, who say they will release a spec
surrael: incidentally, the software doesn't seem to work for the BBC programs I tried it with either
surrael: flash doesn't even play back all of these properly on linux, and its always funny to see public services bend over backwards to cripple their own delivery so that commercial programmers can keep reaping the profits

HR 875 - Monsanto's Dream Bill or an Internet Rumor

weed sap 'can remove sun spots'

surrael: "gel effectively treats sun spots and lesions in two days....removed every sun spot on 27 per cent of patients, with 44 per cent having partial success."
surrael: "does not treat melanomas"
surrael: another pic
surrael: this stuff ... grows pretty much everywhere, iirc likes moist, well drained soil
surrael: discussion forum full of info
surrael: there is also research into use against leukaemia
surrael: status of clinical trials (i think)
surrael: the fact that you can likely just go out into your (or your friends) garden and find some of this is unlikely to recive a hundredth of the publicity that the gel will (once patented) ... reminds me of our friend DCA the simple chemical candian researchers want to try as a cancer treatment, but struggle for funding
surrael: i'd swear that when DCA came up a couple of years ago, it was mentioned as used for treating warts ... it's close relative MCA definitely is ... but it's not mentioned any more ... odd seem to remember some concern that people might try self treating ... which does indeed still seem to be the case ... what happened to the texts that mentioned it as wart remover?
surrael: closely related MCA has been used as a wart remover, and fatal ingestion of 6mL documented in a child
surrael: new scientist have censored several (like every second one) comments in the discussion page ... i wonder what they said?
surrael: i'm 99% certin my memory is correct, because i'd been thinking all this time about potentially using wart remover on a suspicious sunspot i have ... this herb sounds safer and cheaper ... so now i don't have to ... but i'd like to know it's not my brain that's the problem here ... big brother?
surrael: public safety often causes concern ... but those concerns are rarely addressed as effectively as this ... showing i guess that money is much more effective at motivating people
surrael: btw warts are now said to be removed mainly by use of salicylic acid which is itself thought to be quite effective anticarcinogen ... but one which we already take in our diets in the form of vegetable matter
surrael: salicylic acid is also thought to be synthesised in the body
surrael: more on SA
surrael: and more
surrael: well i could be wrong about the DCA wart treatment use ... but the new scientist censoring is pretty scary ... i doubt it was all for abusive behaviour
surrael: hypnotherapy the most effective cure for warts? wonder if it works for cancer too?
surrael: other close relatives of DCA, Trifluoroacetic acid and trifluoroacetic acid both have been used for wart removal too .. so i'm sure i am right that dca was ... so it's particularly odd to find no references at all, even on the sites promoting its use (i guess they have an interest in suppressing that too, if they're trying to sell their own product!)
surrael: trichloro i meant as the other one, not trifluoro twice
surrael: without proper clinical trials, people try this at home, bad stuff happens .. . with a patent-based commercial research system, proper clinical trials do not happen for the very things that people can easily try themselves. .. this is not in the public interest
surrael: moral2: cancer is easy to kill ... but so is patient
surrael: we need clinical trials to be funded by governments so they can concentrate on research of products that are simple and cheap

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