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Boston.com: The Big Picture: STS-125

Using smaller cheaper CPUs for dedicated hosting

pretender: This seems to be rather energy inefficient compared to virtual machines on a more powerful server

Rolcats - English Translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats


It is time now to talk about The Wheel.

kandinski: awesome

Telstra->self->foot->gun ... Australian ex-govt-monopoly telco provokes govt to finally lay a parallel fibre optic network to the door

surrael: through their greed and belligerence
surrael: as outgoing US-sourced CEO takes his $13million bonuses and fleas
surrael: flees (cough)
surrael: this is so good (both the article, and the event!)
surrael: earlier reported analysis and facts: "legislated a wholesale only open access network"
surrael: analysis of how they blew up telstra
surrael: more analysis and a picture of grinning cheshire cat
surrael: even older analysis reaching about the same conclusions as the main link
surrael: now the govt is offering them 49% of the news network if telstra splits off its wholesale arm
surrael: summary of the impetus for the crisis: telstra originally quoted $4.7b or $9.4b to build a national network, but did not put in a formal bid, then cried when govt said no bid meant no option to build it, so govt puts in $43b to build a network that they do not control .. hahaha sucked in
surrael: $43b ... five to ten times what telstra had semi-"quoted"
surrael: is there a better way of saying YOU SUCK?
surrael: we'll get someone else to build it, and it will cost 5 - 10 times as much, but it's worth it, because YOU SUCK
surrael: this has been likened to the snowy mountains hydro scheme in epic scope
surrael: more summary: telstra already has virtually what the govt wanted, but wouldn't agree to cover enough of the rest, so govt said, ok, we build EVERYTHING we need for that then, so you no longer have a strangle grip
surrael: meanwhile telstra is probably building some even grander thing that they will have a strangle grip on ... but oh well
surrael: more articles and discussion

Downfall of Agile Hitler


Robert Draper on Rumsfeld

Transformer fire in Beaverton knocks out power to thousands

coderman: kaBOOM!
coderman: fortunately the 133kv high voltage sub station right next to this residential sub was fine, as is the 18" LNG pipeline right behind both in the same right of way... (bad planning, maybe?)
rovar: Damn squirrels
pretender: Please don't inline 5 MB images?

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