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being retarded has never got in the way of a classic SF show || DAY OF ROCKENING

Torture Continues at Guantanamo Bay

seti: good on Spain if they continue this investigation, wherever it will lead

Ten questions to Berlusconi

100 Rules of Anime Physics

How bright is bright? SAD photo-treatment article

surrael: "Ordinary room light may have an intensity of 200 to 700 lux. The intensity of light necessary for the treatment of S.A.D. is on the order of from 3,500 to 10,000 lux. For comparison, a bright noon sky may be about 100,000 lux, and a cloudy day, a third of that. When phototherapy is effective, it often starts working in about two weeks."
surrael: "much more prevalent in women than men, as much as 4 or 5 to 1"
Ash: i use one of these: http://www.lighttherapy.com/golite_blu.html up here in dreary seattle
surrael: pineal gland
Ash: it helps a lot
surrael: 'feel blue?'
surrael: page for that thing says "people notice a big improvement after a few days with as little as 15 minutes of use a day"
surrael: i guess it's full of LEDs ... philips blue LED is 470nm the freq mentioned in their ad

This is a map of the Chrysler dealerships that were announced as closed, yesterday.

Ash: what a great idea! why didn't they do this ages ago

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