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HAR2009: Final call for papers deadline at 15 May

Big brother is watching your bling

surrael: aka Report people who wear too much 'bling' to Crimestoppers
surrael: you wanna save them the trouble, just send me their addresses and what time their at home .. i'll pay a visit (while they're out)

BIG list of RSS aggregators

surrael: here another list, of web-based aggregators
surrael: some not-too-old reviews of online aggregators
surrael: commentary on river vs folder aggregators ... few seem to consider that it does not have to be ONE OR THE OTHER ... and those few sites that did ... mysteriously seem to have all shut down
surrael: got any links for sites that still allow both types of view? this is driving me insane
surrael: i want to make a public page (they call those blogs now i hear) which has a bunch of rss feeds shown on it, urls of which i have been carefully compiling in a list in my text editor
surrael: the page should display them all shuffled into a 'by date' collective order
surrael: for extra marks, it should have the ability to show only subsets, perhaps via the common folder-style system of nested sets
surrael: is that hard? i'd write it myself, except the reason i want to collect said data is pressing, timewise ... i need to parse the data personally, more urgently than i need to display it for others
surrael: so far i find many sites that have what i would call rss readers: they don't collate feeds into a single stream. i would call that an aggregator. i find (rarely) online aggregators (ok, one, and i lost the url) that do not have blog front-ends, none so far which do.
surrael: it'd be nice if the 'blog front-end' allowed at least a simple html section, but even lacking that, as long as it provides a public view to the aggregated collection of feeds, that is better than nought.
surrael: do i have to get dwiner on this?
surrael: i mean it
surrael: <dwiner> i invented being driven insane!
surrael: this is yet another of those things that's so simple it should exist (ie it could be an intro to programming 101 example), so people spend 3 days looking for it, when it would take 3 hrs for a programmer on the platforms that all those blog engines run on, to implement
surrael: and it must be there somewhere .. but does someone know where? i've made accounts on upwards of 10 sites today to try them ... all duds

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