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Canada farm worker infects pigs with swine flu

surrael: ./' you flew your plane up to Nova Scotia, to see the total eclipse of the swine ./'

EuroDjangoConf2009 Keynote

kandinski: Inanity Fair
surrael: "When banks were crumbling they had no way to get information they needed to survive." and other inside scoops along with wry humour from a disenchanted carpet bagger
surrael: which he broadcast via twitter ... for a while
surrael: "every aspect of this recent economic crash was because of some crap enterprise tech"
surrael: links to The Guy Who Helped Blow Up Wall Street

Reminder: mortgage crisis: the worst is yet to come

prince at the centre of a "torture tape" scandal has been accused of attacking at least 25 other people in incidents that have also been caught on film

surrael: "Particularly damaging was the apparent involvement of a policeman in the torture and the impunity with which Sheikh Issa could act, even after the tape emerged."
surrael: yeah, and the way the tape is obviously filmed for him

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