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Wow, Cliff May is a dickheaded fucknozzle.

seti: He may be a dickhead but at least he does go out there and say what apparently a majority of Americans think. shudder
seti: Dan Froomkin explains why Charles Krauthammer is a subhuman piece of shit for supporting torture

Amazing Augmented Reality Implementationi

Graph of fascist influences on Bush administration, links to lots of text .. have no idea how true/accurate

surrael: if you disable javascript, the stupid menu thing will stop jumping around .. but it will still look ugly
surrael: I'm trying to figure out, are the torture lawyers all PNACs? is PNAC still seen as being a driving force behind the bush junta, or what?
surrael: eg the leo strauss chicago school of philosophy influence ... are those lawyers connected through that at all? were 'the conspiracy theorists' right about that aspect?
surrael: ie are the spaniards looking at prosecuting people who fully subscribed to the core philosophical drive of the bush admin, or are these guys just the menacing underlings paid to do the dirty work (relatively speaking)
surrael: ... or were the neocons just a bunch of naiive,impotent wankers, loudly spouting evil philosophy, while these guys hid under them and unbeknownst, quietly got to work instigating a dark regime of terror?

A different comedian than Russel Brand

Interview with Russell Brand

surrael: OMG the picture ... i need sunglasses or something
jillzilla: One of the NPR employees has a great comment: 'My favorite line from this interview is when Russel, in all seeming seriousness, begins a comment about his outrageous behanvior by asking, "I don't know whether you've ever smoked crack Terry...." Priceless.'
surrael: SEE?!!!!
surrael: 'Right, never tell anyone about that. You've done a very stupid thing, the less people know about it, the better. If you can inhibit the number of folk that know, less people know how daft you truly are. And then the next impulse is: "That means it's funny -- tell everyone."'
surrael: hahaha the audio-only interview ... it's really hard to reconcile his (squeaky, east london) voice with the 'image'

Cal H left Yahoo! yesterday

DjangoCon 2008 Keynote: Cal Henderson


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