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NYC financial workers see low-flying planes, panic

Arbeit macht frei 2009 ... the UN version

surrael: we are all the nazis now
surrael: older news from UN Kosovo ...

H1N1 Swine Flu Map

United States launched border screening for swine flu exposure Monday

coderman: ... and a top federal health official said people should brace for more severe cases, "and possibly deaths."
coderman: better article

Yesterday's chump

We print all the news that fists

Northwick trial tragedy: scientists reveal how 'cytokine storm' started

surrael: oh .. you mean animal study trials are not as useful as many researchers make them out to be?
surrael: a drug to stimulate immune response was tested on animals, but the test ignored the fact that the animals immune systems were unchallenged by their sterile environment
surrael: sucks to be the human guinea pig in a trial where false assurance has been obtained in animal studies
surrael: relevance, in case you're wondering, is the opinion of some that cytokine storm is how the severe flu epidemics kill, translating to worse outcomes proportionate to the health of your immune system
surrael: ie, healthier == sicker ... genuine 1984 flu
coderman: also, healthier == still alive. when you are dead you are not healthy.
surrael: see yesterday chump :)
coderman: see comment A4 and A5-6, inclusive, for more about being dead not being healthy for you.
surrael: healthy is the new sick
seti: the whole internet is the new sick, actually
surrael: i don't wanna catch that shit

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