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A healthy baby girl at 4.15 kg, Clara "THE IMPALER" Candeira Faulkner was born April 25th at 13.55h (GMT+10) in Frances Perry House hospital in Melbourne.

Swine Flu. Yes, we can panic.

pretender: Next year: Kangaroo flu. For those who missed last year's avian flu and might miss this year's swine flu.

Windows 7 has XP mode which is actually a full fledged XP SP3 virtual machine, included, in win7.

coderman: wow
dopp: Why?





* weev gives himself a bantown barbecue

coderman: dude, sick!

Ambushing Bill O'Reilly's Ambusher

Joe the Plumber after dark

nice things, and the no can hassing of them

Cordin 222-16 Gated, Intensified, Ultra-High Speed CCD Camera

coderman: why can i not find a price for one of these anywhere?
seti: Chumped a few days ago, MetaFilter has caught up with the I-Movix too.

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