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Oregon trooper reels in line of Ferraris, Lamborghini

coderman: motherfucker, you impounded my ride!

A Cyber-Attack on an American City

coderman: "Although they are silent on the topic, I hope those responsible for emergency services, be they in business or government, are learning the lessons of Morgan Hill." -- yes. this is why AT&T focuses on rapid repair with their mobile CO's and alternate backhaul platforms


rik: It's meant to be a china shop, dammit! Get it right!

The stupidity of another (R-Exxon) senator

Who Cares Whether Torture Is "Effective"?

Whipped and Gagged

Metric system adoption map

kandinski: "France and Russia use the metric system! It's a Commie plot!"
kandinski: The only hope for the USA might be to dub it the "freedom system", and remind everyone that inches and feet are the remnant of a colonial past of British rule over North America

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