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Your attention please. The following practices are NOT torture:

seti: All those involved should be disbarred for their shoddy legal work.
surrael: this is how wars get started.
surrael: the assertion that these techniques "did not cause long-term harm to mental health" is a plain lie ... they base the assertion on experiments done on trained military personel ... but the captives are NOT trained military personel, many were for example, taxi drivers
surrael: and besides which, that's a crap definition of torture
surrael: in fact, many guantanamo inmates show deteriorating mental health
surrael: The entire prison seems designed to induce long term mental illness or death

Carlos Salamanca and I are both obviously idiots

Carlos Salamanca is an idiot

More involuntary comedy

Look into my eyes, not around the eyes

kandinski: This is getting tired

Svenska pirates guilty

kandinski: Guilty only till successful appeal
surrael: here is how to become a pirate, according to the court: "By providing a website with ... well-developed search functions, easy uploading and storage possibilities, and with a tracker linked to the website"

Bacon: The Other White Heat

rik: How to make a thermal lance, out of bacon.


surrael: "somebody threw a box of tea over the White House fence, and the police evacuated the park." ... the terrorists have already won

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