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About those FNC Tea Parties... and the people who attend them.

seti: I absolutely endore the way the left has been having boatloads of fun around the poor word choice by the right wing of "teabagging"


Ash: epic luls
seti: yuck

Facebook Users Get Worse Grades in College

Oliber: Slackahz

The Exiled Online: Dispatch from Victorville: Levine Starts His Journey Into the Heart of America's Foreclosure Nightmare

adamhill: Dude, its called living in the country douchebag
adamhill: You do not need a fucking Starbucks and Pottery Barn every 10 miles to be normal
adamhill: Ah, he is from LA, this explains it all... must... have... crushing... population... density...

Wall Street Salary Caps Drive Away Assholes


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