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CIA shuts down its secret prisons

Ash: what will they do now that they only have the double-secret prisons left???

Police said a number of AT&T fiber-optic cables were deliberately severed, causing a loss of telephone and Internet service in San Jose and other communities.

seti: Sabotage claimed, CWA denies involvement
anomie: Extra sheriff's deputies, firefighters and police officers were on the streets in the affected areas, authorities said. Additional ambulances were on hand at St. Louise Hospital in Gilroy.
anomie: Because without phones, more people will get hurt!
seti: without phones it takes longer to notify authorities of problems (can be fire, can be a medical emergency), so if a patrol car drives by frequently the chances of seeing trouble increases.
anomie: But why ambulances?

Pet Shop Boys reject Peta request

rik: "Pop group Pet Shop Boys have revealed they have turned down a request by animal rights group Peta to rename themselves the Rescue Shelter Boys."
Ash: proving yet again that PETA are total fucking nutcases

Dead mayor re-elected by US town

rik: "Voters in a small town in the US state of Missouri have re-elected their popular mayor to a fourth term, several weeks after he died of a heart attack."
rik: "He won by a landslide, securing 90% of the vote in the 723-population town."
nene: It makes a change, usually in american towns you have dead people voting for a live mayor, rather than the other way around

Police Medic

nene: Ready to beat you back to health with his +2 stick of wellness

45 inch fresnel lense

Oliber: Wood - flame .1sec, Water 12oz boiling in 80 sec, Concrete glowing in 15 melting in 35 sec
kandinski: I mean melt motherfucking concrete melt OMFG
Oliber: The real selling point - "TREAT IT AND RESPECT IT AS A FURNACE OR BLOWTORCH"

The Dark Side of Dubai

adamhill: Read the book "Dubai" by Robin Moore (author of "The French Connection") much more accurate and thorough
adamhill: the sheik bought the rights for the book after it was published and put it out of print
kandinski: Loads of secondhand copies at Amazon, and also http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22dubai%22+torrent+%22Robin+Moore%22&btnG=Search

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