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Commodore 64 original hardware laptop

seti: Someone hire this guy.

Google Summer of Code 2009

coderman: "We're pleased to see that we're reaching students in even more locations this year, as we received applications from 93 countries, up from 90 last year. In terms of overall numbers of applicants, our top five countries for this year are the United States (744), India (610), China (202), Canada (138) and Brazil (135)." - wow

"The unpredictable earthquake-prone landscape caused destruction again with another deadly earthquake on 7 April 2009."

seti: If it's so unpredictable... why the certainty that this'll happen tomorrow?
seti: pdf

three letters: W T F

Unreal Tournament meets Sonic

Detroit's Abandoned Train Station


Paris WW2 liberation made 'whites only'

Facebook's photo storage rewrite


kandinski: It doesn't mean "show up"



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