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Yes, but is it art?

surrael: this is the work of a paranoic (or a joke)
surrael: no, i'm not part of the conspiracy, it just is
surrael: but it's great art ... watch on 9/11 instead of the sermons ..
surrael: whatever it is, it certainly says a lot about the human condition
surrael: same author has a vid about illuminati/mason symbols which is just as unquestioning, but at least you can assume some (most) of the symbolism is intentional, even if not 'genuine'
surrael: i'd love to see both videos re-dubbed with benny hill soundtrack
surrael: di-di-di-di-diddy di-di-di-di-diddy di-di-di-di-di-di-di-dit!
surrael: btw 'all seeing eye' in pyramid .. actually looks to me more like an eye that is projecting stuff .. and if you rotate the eye it a little you'll prolly begin to see what it means, given all long-lasting symbols are pretty obviously rooted (ahem) in fairly central universal human themes
surrael: i guess the pyramid extending down from it represents generations of offspring
surrael: whereas the two copulating rulers ... do i need to point out what that symbol is?
surrael: can you see?
surrael: where is the G?
surrael: back to the all seeing eye ... it's even called the eye of providence ...
surrael: see if you can find the triangle with the eye in this image:
surrael: maybe she's actually lying on her back .. you know .. giving birth or something .. something reproductive
surrael: these things would have been esoteric once .. to like celibate monks and knights, but these days .. they are esoteric only because we refuse to accept the obvious as esoteric
surrael: as for the pentagram .. it is also a symbol of a fertile woman ...
surrael: the last one might seem very esoteric to you, but to smart ancient peoples who had no atomic clocks, this was an important way to synchronise/callibrate their calendars to the natural cycles
surrael: and of course such practices were not only difficult specialist arts, but may have been kept secret for maintaining power over the plebs
surrael: which may be the case to this day ...
surrael: this page shows the same diagram traced in 1799
surrael: "plotting the recurrence of Venus' westward elongation from the Sun, over five consecutive synodic periods, will create the points of a pentagram"
surrael: "approximately eight years, five days to complete"
surrael: " the time required for it to return to the same position relative to the Sun as seen by an observer on Earth, is 583.9211 days. There is a 0.0789 day slippage every 584 days, totalling a one day slippage each 12.67 synodic periods"
surrael: remember to take this guide with you when civilisation crumbles
surrael: Lucifer is an Ancient Roman title for Venus...symbol of spiritual enlightenment...only planet that casts a visible shadow on earth...Attariq..."The Path Star"...the rose star...petals of the rose in the sky every 14,607 days or 40 years minus 3 days...pentagram in the zodiac every eight years. Read Al Qooraan Soowrah 86 Ayat 1-17.
surrael: 'petals of the rose' being the next harmonic up of 'very almost closed loops' that venus executes like the pentagram above

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