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I was gonna pay the tax man, but then I got high.

drache: I tried to cheat him, but I got caught, 'cause I was high.

The Pirate Party Makes a Bid for the European Parliament

coderman: "The timing of the EU election is almost perfect for the party. Last summer, a controversial law that allows the state to wiretap internet traffic that crosses Sweden's borders was passed by the Swedish parliament, provoking widespread and intense opposition, and putting one of the Pirate Party's core issues in the map."
coderman: "Shortly afterward, there was an outcry about the new "Ipred-law", which gives copyright holders the right to seek a court order identifying people linked to illegal downloading. ... will come into force on April 1."
coderman: "In the middle of it all was The Pirate Bay's trial, which ended March 3, and had everyone voicing an opinion. The judge is expected to issue a verdict on April 17, an event likely to raise much media interest again."

Firefox v3.0.8, released March 27, 2009 - Release Notes

coderman: Loonix Download
coderman: Windoze Download
coderman: Mac OSuX Download
seti: "Obvious bug once you see it"
seti: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=485217#c26 is classic mozilla style. I do have the feeling it's getting less and less like that, though.
drache: Ut oh! Firefox dropped the soap!

"The Hall of Shame" | The List: Look Who's Censoring the Internet Now

coderman: "The Hall of Shame" | The List: Look Who's Censoring the Internet Now
coderman: "Australia: in March 2009, the list of 2,935 sites was leaked by anticensorship Web site Wikileaks and revealed a much broader scope of content, including online poker, Satanism, and euthanasia. Some seemingly uncontroversial private businesses, such as a Queensland dentist's office, were also included for unknown reasons."
coderman: "France: ... would penalize anyone whose Internet connection was used for downloading illegal material, even if the person wasn't aware of it or the network was used without permission. All people in France, in effect, would be legally required to secure their wireless networks."
coderman: "Argentina: Maradona and about 70 other celebrities filed a class action suit in mid-2007 against Google and Yahoo!, claiming that their names were being associated with pornography or libelous sites against their will. A judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs, essentially holding the search engines responsible for the content of other sites, a standard that a Google Argentina spokesperson told Time was like "suing the newsst

Galois/Counter Mode of AES operation


Save the DNA Lounge!

coderman: "I have a strong suspicion that the pipe wasn't the only thing getting screwed here."
seti: DNA Lounge is getting seriously screwed by the ABC here in retaliation for the ABC's previous loss of an appeal by the DNA Lounge concerning their liquor licence. Do help them out if you can.

Study Questions Effectiveness Of ADHD Medication

coderman: hah, there's really a drug called "Focalin"! i guess the simpsons got dibs on Focusin...
coderman: "The findings contradicts previous initial results of an earlier 14-month study reported in 1999. It said medication appears to be effective only for a maximum of 24 months."

Dogs, cats send 86,000 Americans flying annually

coderman: and by flying they mean tripping over fido and injuring yourself...
coderman: this is why i like cats. they punt out of the way much easier...

Corporate narcissism


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