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Dead pixel in Google Earth

Guy's policies are nutty but he seems to know a lot about banking (LaRouche video archive)

surrael: and as he says, he was the only person harping on about what is now happening to the world economy, some years ago ...
surrael: despite being a US senator and a qualified source for such statements, of course, then as now, he was not reported by the media, who claim now that the entire chain of events was unexpected and unpredictable (hahaha)
Ash: larouche is insane, news at 11
seti: he was far from the only one
surrael: and the nervous little french-looking chick who reads some of these is HAWT .. especially when she gets worked up
ipissiamsim: this one very good ... not politics, science :) YAY!

R/C Steam Centipede

you mean according to [yesterday's chump|http://chump.facestab.org/2009/03/25/] i can now refer to alcohol as a 'date rape drug'?

surrael: cool :) from now on my references will be to 'the date rape drug, alcohol...'

Stop Fucking Swearing

Chicken on a Skateboard


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