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<jmbr> my pity timed out

Extreme Sheep LED Art

US govt: oh those long term bonds of ours you have are actually worth nothing .. so why don't you just give them back to us and accept some of these here paper money bills in return ... which happen to have equivalent value btw ...

surrael: or is it even more obscene? are they actually buying the bonds straight from themselves?
surrael: this sounds to me a lot like the phrase 'did you set the autopilot? ok then jump!' coming from the front end of a plane that you are a passenger in ....
surrael: a couple of days ago, a 'leading economist' recommended to Australians to buy a farm and a shotgun because the govts are still listening to the people who started the fire, about how to put it out
surrael: his site
surrael: which "aims, based on economic, social and historical trends, to warn investors when investment themes have become widely accepted and are, therefore, highly priced and risky, while it continuously searches for opportunities in unloved and depressed markets."
surrael: me .. i don't think you do print money 'to kickstart the economy' .. i think you do it when you admit failure and start to need to pay for services for your populace .. and if they are printing money and spending it on the wrong things, it will be very counterproductive in terms of quality of life ...
surrael: and inflation

The Real AIG Scandal

Flashback to 2002! "When will IBM buy Sun?"


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