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Browser Ball

TIME: The Case for letting AIG Fail

seti: Not making the case at all. What is up with modern journalism? A case would list pros and cons and draw a conclusion from the weight of each argument, pro or con. This is just whingeing about payment practices in the financial industry.

Pattie Maes & Pranav Mistry: Unveiling the "Sixth Sense".

rik: Some quite good use of wearable computing. Some that make you smile.
rik: It's like the Microsoft Surface stuff, but it uses a projector instead, and has taken advantage of that.

wikileaks: 10 years inside the international child porn industry

surrael: different version
surrael: "In my current country there are no laws relating to surfing, viewing, downloading and saving any type of files. For this reason, I know very precisely what is happening in the Internet because I am fully able to follow what happens."
surrael: ... "My estimate is that there were about 15 million unique visitors during this month."
surrael: "...ratio between visitors and buyers, however, is very small. ... approximately 2000 customers."
surrael: "The most popular girls have been posing repeatedly for years (some even until 2007, long after the collapse of LS Studios) and everyone who has seen these pictures can see that these girls like to be in the pictures and have had fun during the recordings."
surrael: of course, if you're a fan of censorship, then you only have his word for it .. against the authority of the police and politicians who are always to be believed, who will tell you the girls are mostly dead now (that is a quote btw)
surrael: "There are tens of thousands of child pornographic websites. Many of these sites serve as advertising and lead to the same commercial site. There are a plethora of free sites that always post the same pictures, very often from the '70s or known sets that perverted fathers have done with their children and then published. No sign of an uncomprehensibly large business, let alone of alleged trillion USD of revenues."
surrael: oh and most of the sites were hosted in US for ages ... forgot to clip that bit earlier
surrael: until 2001 sep 11 made it more difficult for foreigners to work via US
surrael: "Since pornography is illegal in Russia and all Eastern Bloc countries, it played no role in whether you are a only ittle bit illegal or a little bit more."
surrael: "... the Russian organized crime was called to help in exceptional cases where one wanted the authorities to be more active to push an unwanted competitor out of the way, or to kill an idiot who couldn't keep their mouth shut." [my emphasis]
surrael: "I was not aware of any violence against children and adolescents."
surrael: "...if you have an email address, there is a possibility that there is child pornography on your computer because you have received CP advertising. And if your computer is not 100% safe against Trojans, viruses and rootkits, there is the possibility that your computer is part of the vast child pornography network."
surrael: try explaining that to the legal system you lobbied to have zero tolerance of child porn
surrael: of course you must know by now that anyone who denies guilt is guilty ... so perhaps its better just to plead guilty like how many more before you? who knows ...
surrael: "I have watched as authorities - due to a lack of knowledge (and motivation) - and judges (due to ignorant shirtsigtedness) have wrongly suspected and very often also convicted thousands of people. There were fathers destroyed, families ruined, and people event committed suicide."
surrael: remember, it's for the children.
surrael: won't somebody think of the children.
surrael: PCPros confirms "many prosecutions were founded on falsehoods"
surrael: I bet your local family-oriented politician is not raising a fuss about that, huh? i wonder why ... life, liberty, pursuit of happiness ... and 24/7 monitoring and graft and military economy ... hahaha get fucked.
surrael: to the tune of eurythmics - sexcrime (nineteeneightyfour)
surrael: always remember, the war is with eurasia now, the war was never with eastasia
surrael: or maybe this track is better
surrael: if this is too much to read and perhaps full of complex subtleties, just try "ugh!" and perhaps punch the person nearest you
surrael: "...the gruesome images of crying, raped and even tortured children do not come from commercial producers. They come not from third parties but from bestial fathers and mothers of the children that do this to them. Most are fathers with incestuous tendencies who meet in forums and chats."
surrael: but concedes websites "collect the material and publish it on commercial websites."
surrael: "Based on the theory that abuse victims become abusers themselves, the British government launched a database to identify all victims with the purpose of putting such persons under monitoring because they are under general suspicion, as former victims of abuse sometimes become abusers." LOL!
surrael: and "... there is [another] new database with the purpose of collecting information about every child in the UK and their development in order to observe signs of abuse."
surrael: poster elucidates some interesting ways of transmitting image information that are not subject to filtering, eg via VNC or encrypted full virtual pcs, given as examples of how filtering and other tehcnical measures are not able to stop dissemination of material
surrael: and goes on to question what alternative approaches exist for society in general for these issues

UK PM's doctor records allegedly hacked into

Berners-Lee says deep packet inspection is killing the internet

surrael: oh, microsoft, thanks for providing the excuse for this type of behaviour in the form of your purposely-insecure impossible-to-manage operating systems deployed for many years, and thanks also for the fact that all our systems are now owned by bot herders ....

Behavioral Targeting By Any Other Name: Ads Get 'Interest-Based'

surrael: I want to opt out. Please record this preference.
seti: Unsubscribe.
surrael: crowds would be an efficient counter to this companies attack

Activists use Wikipedia to bait blacklist regulator

seti: The UK is not much better. "Home Office clueless" is not the type of headlines one wants to see about how one's government treats open access to information.
surrael: this page with pictures of aborted fetuses is the one which is being censored by the aussie govt, along with who knows how many other pages about what
surrael: but i'm sure they're doing a good job because i feel safe
surrael: at least i'll be saved reading this trash

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