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<jmbr> my pity timed out

In Java static members are not static across ClassLoaders

seti: Your member is now ex-static
pretender: Kinda obvious in retrospect but it made me waste the better part of an hour
pretender: seti is obviously having much more fun
rovar: I would like to take this moment to point out that Java is the worst thing to happen to computer science. Have a good day.
pretender: Not surprisingly, I fully agree.
Mutiny: Static members are also not static across java VM instances. :P

Demand prosecutions for this.

John King's softball interview on CNN with former vice president of the United States Darth Cheney

seti: the Christian Science Monitor actually has a few 'grafs to spare for repeating comments posted on Twitter. yes, really. Twitter. is 'old' media really dead already?


"I enjoyed it thoroughly."

coderman: - Robert Gibbs on watching Jon Stewart ream Jim Cramer on journalistic integrity.
coderman: linky

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