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Ext4 data loss

dopp: Only crazy people will put data they care about on Ext4 at this time.

Jail for Selling Medical Marijuana

Steve Wozniak - Dancing with the Stars

out-of-date but interesting comparison of ToS of social networking sites

quasim8r: i think the particular issue examined was recently addressed by the aprticular site mentioned ...
quasim8r: fuckit even i can't be bothered reading this article .. let alone the ToS of those sites...


Clearwire Searches For Clear Route

coderman: "Craig McCaw's wireless venture Clearwire abruptly replaced its chief executive on Monday, a sign that the money-losing start-up is still looking for a way out of an increasingly volatile telecom mess."
coderman: '"Right now, the wireless industry is circling the wagons around Clearwire and getting ready to light a torch," says Berge Ayvazian, an analyst with the Yankee Group.'
seti: that's not what the expression "circling the wagons" means.

NSA Chief Continues Bid to Take Over Cybersecurity

coderman: "In the wake of the resignation on Friday of National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) Director Rod Beckstrom over concerns that the National Security Agency plans to take over government cybersecurity efforts, comes an announcement that NSA Director Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander will be giving the keynote address at this year's RSA security conference."
coderman: 'Alexander will be talking about "how the Internet enables cyber criminals and others in conducting targeted attacks and what can be done to combat this threat."'
coderman: 'The Bush Administration frequently tried to equate crime on the internet with national security to gather support for its interest in monitoring internet activities. Alexander's RSA talk will likely continue this trend and serve to bolster the NSA's efforts to wrest control of the government's cybersecurity efforts from the Department of Homeland Security'

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