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We would never shoot nuclear weapons at Decepticons, ever.

NASA's Kepler mission satellite is twittering its own launch

nene: "oh shit oh shit oh shit I'm scared" ?


jillzilla: Fail on top of fail

Can you hear this?

Latest news from the LHC

Aaron Greenspan: Why I Sued Google (and Won)

coderman: "In the end, printed on a baby blue sheet of paper by the clerk's aging dot matrix printer, the judgment .. was entered for $761.00"
seti: explanation why Mr Greenspan is not in the right here
coderman: he got a check from google in a summary judgement. who cares about the details? :)

Optimists live longer and healthier lives: study

coderman: "This research shows that most of #facestab will outlive Mutiny by at least three years on average."

Rush Limbaugh gets his hateful ass handed to him

seti: 1990. and he clearly still has butthurt from it.
seti: Bill Hicks perfectly describes Rush Limbaugh
seti: NSFW.

Watchmen - Hitler finds out about new Watchmen ending.

Saturday Morning Watchmen

Watchmen Babies cartoon

White Elephant Sale - Oakland Museum of California

This is the chainset that I currently have.

The GOP on America

cheezn8r: I think we have a typo ... pig is spelt PIG

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