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Downfall of Grammar

Rick Santelli's rant was a preplanned right-wing scam to torpedo Obama's economic agenda

seti: Exposed by, of all, Playboy!

Adiabatic quantum computation with long paths

coderman: sometimes the long way around is the fastest route! (at least, when the long path means calculations buffered from the noise floor... :)

Open-WRT Wireless Router GUI/Firmware Contest

coderman: Help! Tomato is kicking our ass in the usability department!
kp: I love Tomato

Financial Times' Insight: Time to expose those CDOs

Marine One helicopter plans found on computer in Iran

seti: security breach caused by a defense contractor with a P2P program...
pretender: Tiversa, the company who discovered this, is responsible for 85% of all queries on gnutella

Porn in the USA: Conservatives Are Biggest Consumers

coderman: i always find this hilarious; like the guys who picket with their wives out in front of the adult stores here, all worked up in righteous indignation, and then come back for a peep show or porn later that evening...
coderman: "... The biggest consumer, Utah, averaged 5.47 adult content subscriptions per 1000 home broadband users."

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