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i fling poo

Crypto Accel via PCIe

Goodbye Dubai

Dear AS 48438, please stop fucking up the intarwebs.

Mutiny: Cue coderman alarmism in 3.. 2.. 1..
coderman: ... or did 22367 do it? the game afoot.

Anonymous Caller? New Service Says, Not Any More

coderman: "The service, called TrapCall, is offered by New Jersey's TelTech systems, the company behind the controversial SpoofCard Caller ID spoofing service. The new service is likely to be even more controversial — and popular."
coderman: '... It’s very simple for somebody to forward a phone to an 800 number in their office, and right there, they’re picking up the phone number of the person who is calling," he says. At least now the false illusion of Caller ID privacy will be dispelled by TrapCall, he adds.'
Mutiny: that's like if symantec got into the malware game.
coderman: "“The only way to block your number after this is released is to use Spoofcard,” he says with a laugh.' -- THE PURE MANIACAL LAUGH OF EVIL!! to be sure; MWAHAHAHA!
Mutiny: How long until TelTech starts a MVNO with all these features baked in? I'd subscribe.
coderman: Mutiny says "A+++ WOULD BUY AGAIN!"
coderman: yewfah what?

Sometime last month, ATIS decided to redact CLLI code information to help prevent terrorism. This is stupid.

coderman: yay for security theater!

Celebrity chimp fights it out with cops


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