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pls remember that it is the year 2009 and u must slack 2 survive

Symphony for dot matrix printers by [The User]

You're Welcome, America: A Final Night With George W. Bush

seti: Will Ferrell's cathartic sendoff of his GWB character
seti: trailer

The Cyclic Model Simplified

Using the TPM as the "cryptographic equivalent" of an envelope

coderman: "Suppose Alice wants to give Bob some data d, with the following conditions: 1) Bob can access the data at any time, without further interaction with Alice. 2) But if he chooses not to access it, he can "return" it to Alice "unopened" 3) After he has done that, Alice can be sure he can no longer access it. If Bob has a TPM, then he can offer this service."
coderman: (where TPM == Trusted Platform Module)


cheezn8r: E_TOO_MUCH_ZOOM
cheezn8r: this will actually take exponential time to view ...

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