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last updated at 2009-02-12 19:43

I want this.

coderman: Veritas, BackupExec, ClearCase ... you sure? :P
nene: It's based in Alameda, so you get to be near the Mythbusters favourite hangouts at the bomb range and naval base

i can has?

nene: Not yours.
coderman: must figure out a way to stuff five of these into my pants inconspicuously...
nene: You do realise this is EoL, right?
coderman: MIL-STD-810F / NEBS L3 means it will run forevar!
coderman: end of life == free. 2540 == $33,772 each :)

Banned Dutch MP to be sent home

Virtual Cable Car Navigation

End of the Rainbow

'Truth and reconciliation' commission to investigate Bush

anomie: ...we wish.
Mutiny: Bush pardoned himself. lol pwned

Is this thing real? Harry Reid claims the US tax system is voluntary.

coderman: breathing is also voluntary.
coderman: as is killing yourself. so what?
kp: "I don't accept your phraseology..." lolz

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