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<Ash> USA USA USA <Ash> that's what all the communists say

TV watching in youth tied to depression later

seti: Also ... apropos of nothing, in-video popup ads for iTunes?

The Feast of Emperor Norton

cheezn8r: it's ok, it's real

Use of social networking to spread news of (still burning) Australian bushfires

cheezn8r: <greer> The cause of these disasters is not global warming; still less is it arson. It is the failure to recognise that fire is an intrinsic feature of eucalypt bushland. It cannot be prevented but it can and should be managed.
cheezn8r: death toll 200+ projected to reach 300
cheezn8r: Australian natural environment demands respect, penalty: death
cheezn8r: other opinions: inhabitants of the communities we just lost, "were pioneers in sustainable design, permaculture, mud-brick architecture, fire management planning and energy efficient housing."
cheezn8r: <rudd> arsonists should rot in jail
cheezn8r: "Inquiry ordered into Victoria bushfires, hunt for arsonists begins" should it be retitled "hunt for scapegoats continues"?
cheezn8r: seriously, i used to live in a different state, where in summer, the news would always feature stories on bulldozing of firebreaks and back-burning in preparation for even an ordinary summer ... in Victoria we just had a predicted-in-advance-correctly record heatwave, and i didn't see a single story about proper preparation for fires
cheezn8r: i have watched hours of 'live reporting' and etc and not heard mention of this at all ... see no mention in the stories in the paper, very little analysis of 'wtf?' .. and i'm not saying there was none or were no firebreaks etc, but the aerial footage i saw showed alarming scenarios
cheezn8r: sympathy to everyone affected but, but sympathy in my own book begins with action and awareness
cheezn8r: we hear now of the army being brought in to help with the disaster .. they should have been there two weeks ago to bulldoze the kindling away to make firebreaks
cheezn8r: arsonists are always there, every season. . . this season we knew it was going to be fucking hot with bells on.
cheezn8r: fair enough, charge them with murder, i think you'll find they're loopy as a hoop-pine and needed care and attention .. not to excuse the acts, but more predictable stuff we let fall imho
cheezn8r: no argument which ignores the australian bush's preference for being set ablaze at regular intervals will be entered into.
cheezn8r: does my firebreak look big in this?
cheezn8r: more big images here
cheezn8r: basically a textbook page for "places not to be in 48 degree heat"
cheezn8r: if that textbook does not get written, i will be very disappointed. :((
cheezn8r: back burning .. even wikipedia knows about it
cheezn8r: ALARMINGLY Victoria's national park managers were said to be philosophically opposed to it
cheezn8r: ^^^ WHERE ARE THE ARSONISTS? WHERE? WHO SHOULD ROT? WHO?</sarcastic irony>
cheezn8r: this has gone on for years .. major fires broke out in the last five years, and i recall this same issue then
cheezn8r: will someone please accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist if i mention that a good insurance job is just what the ailing economy needs?
cheezn8r: ...because crimes have motives .. acts without motives are acts of the insane, rudd wants to lock the arsonists in prison .. they must have motives ... this is the most obvious motive i see ... and no, i don't seriously think that either.
cheezn8r: "Phil Cheney, formerly head of the CSIRO's bushfire research unit, said the number of Victorian fatalities 'absolutely' would have been lower with more prescribed burning."
cheezn8r: "repeated inquiries into fire deaths recommended such a strategy"
cheezn8r: what do we get now? guess. another Inquiry.
cheezn8r: <sarcasm> WHERE ARE THE ARSONISTS? WHO SHOULD ROT? </sarcasm>
cheezn8r: oh .. and logging the water catchments doesn't help ... water retained in forest == less big fires, clear felling and regrowth known to be more flammable than the previous established vegetation == more big fires
cheezn8r: guess which one Victoria chooses?
cheezn8r: if you guess "more big fires" ... YOU"RE RIGHT!
cheezn8r: guys, little tip, you're in australia. "dry summer" is a national fucking emergency. get on it, k.

An Oral History of the Bush White House

jillzilla: I think I would rather read this than an oral history of the Clinton White House...ewww.
seti: However gross Ken Starr's report was, it's less bad than reading about how a group of old white men banded together to scare their populace into letting them invade whole nation-states leading to hundreds of thousands of deaths and millions of refugees
seti: Now LEAVE MONICA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!1


seti: I'm so glad I don't live in the US.
Mutiny: I'm so glad you don't live in the US, too.
Mutiny: Extra funny because a lot of these aren't even from the US.
seti: Also
cheezn8r: OK, but some of these are real
cheezn8r: (hug)

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