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Vaseline Uranium Opalescent Glass Rose Butter Dish

jillzilla: Be sure to read the customer review.

Is Wyden in the mix for HHS secretary?

Sarah Palin blasts Defenders of Wildlife for new anti-Palin campaign

coderman: REDACTED. they removed the funny cartoon and replaced it with photo stock. grrr.
coderman: (i just wanted an excuse to link the image for this article :)

Rep. Ackerman on Madoff Fraud

seti: That is one angry Congressman.
seti: We thought the enemy was Mr. Madoff. I think it's you, (SEC) Executive Privilege!

DEA continues pot raids Obama opposes

coderman: "Drug Enforcement Administration agents this week raided four medical marijuana shops in California, contrary to President Obama's campaign promises to stop the raids. "
coderman: "The White House said it expects those kinds of raids to end once Mr. Obama nominates someone to take charge of DEA, which is still run by Bush administration holdovers. "
Mutiny_: dickbags till the bitter end

I thought this particular insanity was a hundred years out of fashion

jillzilla: This kind of nonsense brings so much unhappiness.
coderman: "When God wants to take His message of deliverance across the globe, there is NO stopping Him. You must buy this shirt (or two, or five!) or God will be very angry!"
cheezn8r: where is ex-#facestabber?

Aggregated Diamond Nanorods, the Densest and Least Compressible Form of Carbon

coderman: these are the hardest of the superhard. just in case you were wondering ...
Mutiny_: When can i buy my ADN tooling?
cheezn8r: I hurd you liek diamonds ... so I put a diamond in ur diamond? and leik wtf that shit is HARD

Palin brings notorious Fred Malek into PAC , 2012 bid

coderman: "Fred Malek--the notorious "hatchet man" for Richard Nixon who only a few years ago was busted by the SEC for investment fraud."
coderman: 'Malek played a central role in getting those who were suspected of being Jewish (Malek based his assessment on surnames) removed from their posts in the BLS. "These moves [removing Jews from the bureau] do not go as far as I would have preferred," Malek wrote in a secret memo to Haldeman, "but represent a reasonable compromise that I feel will make the BLS a more responsive and effective unit."'
coderman: 'In the private sector, while Malek built up a massive investment portfolio and founded Thayer Capital Partners, he ran afoul of the SEC. It was a sleazy affair--involving undeclared political payola... Thayer Capital paid a civil penalty of $150,000, and Malek personally paid a fine of $100,000.'
coderman: "Malek was involved in a gruesome incident in his home state of Illinois, shortly after he graduated from West Point. In the early morning hours of August of 1959, sheriff deputies outside of Peoria discovered a vehicle covered in blood and a group of drunken young men, also covered in blood, nearby. Some were hiding in the bushes. The men told the deputies that they had accidentally hit a dog. Then their story changed. And t
coderman: "Finally, one of them confessed. They had captured the dog and had barbecued it in a nearby park. The deputies returned to the scene and found a skinned and gutted canine on a spit in the park. An empty booze bottle was also nearby. Fred Malek was one of the five young men arrested for the crime"
coderman: I bet Cheney is another of the certifiable sociopaths gunning for positions of power in government.
Mutiny_: I've done a lot of stupid shit when I was drunk and in The Blackness.. but I've never tried to BBQ a dog.
Mutiny_: $50 fine for mishandling livestock.

Fossils of Largest Snake Give Hint of Hot Earth

coderman: "Some 60 million years ago, well after the demise of the dinosaurs, a giant relative of today’s boa constrictors, weighing more than a ton and measuring 42 feet long, hunted crocodiles in rain-washed tropical forests in northern South America, according to a new fossil discovery."
Mutiny_: Further proof that monsters are real.
coderman: it ate crocodiles. jeezus.
Mutiny_: If something hunts CROCODILES you know it's fucking bad-ass.
coderman: let's clone this sucker back to life!
cheezn8r: snakes like this existed in Australia when humans reached here, tens of thousands of years ago ... remains of snakes are reportedly unusual finds though, apparently because their bones were very fine and disintegrated quickly
cheezn8r: awesome
coderman: did you tiny little six metre snakes EAT CROCODILES? no? k-thx-bye
cheezn8r: doh .. brain fart .. :) 42 feet is a lot bigger, isn't it :)
cheezn8r: anyway, Wonambi naracoortensis was the last of this ancient lineage and died out within the last 50,000 years ago.

Cheney: attacks probable if Bush policies reversed

coderman: "Terrorists are highly likely to attempt a nuclear or biological attack on United States in coming years, former Vice President Dick Cheney warned in an interview published on Wednesday."
coderman: sounds like someone is afraid of legal repercussions for blatantly violating laws in the name of "security".

Fossil of monster snake found in Colombia

kp^: a 42-foot behemoth weighing more than a ton
Mutiny_: Soon to be featured in a Sci-Fi Original Movie

Michael Phelps has extraordinary lung capacity. Does that mean he can get extraordinarily stoned?

jillzilla: This link is for anomie.
Mutiny_: As soon as I learned of this my first thought was "I bet he can clear a bong like a CHAMP." If you win the most gold medals ever, you can smoke WHATEVER the fuck you want.

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