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last updated at 2009-01-31 16:57

Google taking security a little too seriously?

coderman: also bbc says "Google says it is unclear what caused the problem, which is now resolved, but that it will make a statement later." -- how's that for some hear say??

Google - This site may harm your computer.

coderman: If you're trying this now, you're already too late. (What, like this didn't wake a whole herd of engineers from their drunken slumber at o-dark thirty this morning??)
pretender: It's also damn annoying that google's warning page has no link to the actual site. wtf? I don't want to copy&paste urls to get my malware
ippississim: DONOTCLICK

Under Tight Security, Voting Seems Calm in Iraq

coderman: holy crap, we just might be able to get out of there in a year or two... maybe.

X-Ray Oddities

Really fucking stupid domain names available now!

Mutiny: "eeffluvia.com" is my favorite

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