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Why The U.S. Should Not Have Protection For Federal Whistleblowers, Per Congress

dopp: Just whose whistles are they blowing?

New Zealand inmates foil own escape

Full-disk encryption for all computer drives

kp: standardize the way encryption is used in firmware within hard disk drives and solid state disk drive controllers ensuring interoperability.
Mutiny: backdoors included cough
coderman: trust us! cmon! cuhmonnnnn! ehhh? CMON!!
coderman: i really love all the AES256 super encrypted storage systems that use either a null key or a fixed key. or best of all, a single key to produce a single block, which is xor
coderman: 'd with disk data. (that's right. code book mode on a single block used as xor for disk!)

Nuclear apocalypse and the Letter of Last Resort

mississippi: aka "what to do if you get bored ... no chaps, i mean really bored"
mississippi: i mean, put yourself in their shoes ... your commander in chief manages to get your country nuked ... would you really read and obey his last will and testament? like fuck.
mississippi: i think the actual battle cry goes something like this: "Wa-heyyyyy! we're all pirates? and we drive a nuclear sub?! gtfo! who's for the caribbean?! oh looky .. nuclear missles!!!!!!!1"

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